Jabra Panacast 20
Hybrid Working
We were delighted to support Jabra with the industrial design on their first personal video conferencing camera for the hybrid workplace. Panacast 20 offers premium feature experiences via 4K Ultra-HD video, AI-enabled image enhancement, Picture-In-Picture mode and intelligent zoom functionality. In addition, security and privacy are delivered via onboard processing and an internal integrated privacy cover for peace of mind.

Designed in collaboration with Thomas Needham at Jabra
Processing heat
An advanced onboard Edge AI chipset drives all of the intelligent features, as well as processing your video on the device to reduce the risk of data breaches. 
This processing creates heat and is dealt with via the design to keep the device working optimally. The challenge to remove heat was increased with the desire to deliver a small portable design. 
Material selection and maximising surface area were crucial for controlling temperature. Our solution was to create extruded ribbed aluminium features and frame them with an outer wall enclosure extrusion to deliver a clean aesthetic. We aligned the outer wall extrusion thickness and ribs to the same dimension for a coherent, uniform feel while providing the required surface area to control temperature.
Making portable
Compactness and robustness to support portability challenged the overall size and construction of the design. We selected materials and processes to serve the test of time in a well-handled long life. Functionality in the fold-away mounting foot and lens protection privacy cover create a compact, protected design when packed down. A moulded travel case further protects the camera and presents the camera for easy access.
Privacy integrated
One of the drivers for the industrial design was to deliver a premium experience for controlling privacy. 
We wanted to avoid the insights where users end up applying 3rd party or own stickers/covers. Or a solution that felt like an afterthought to the camera, as is common in the market.
We explored a wide range of concepts and landed on an integrated rotational sliding cover between the outer enclosure and the lens to provide a simple, considered and premium experience.
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