Jabra Speak2 40 & 55
Next Gen Speakerphones for Jabra
Next Gen Speakerphones for Jabra
We led the industrial design of the Speak2 40 & 55 speakerphones for Jabra. Designed for great portability to support hybrid work and a simple plug-and-play, one-touch meeting room set-up for ease of use. They feature a 50mm speaker with wideband audio and four beamforming microphones with noise cancellation. 
Designed in collaboration with CMF designer Jonna Ager Wick and the team at Jabra.
Discreet & Clear
From hidden until needed functional indications via an integrated light ring to discreet internal cable storage and docking experience, creating simple, subtle, and delightful interactions with the device was a key focus in designing a positive relationship with the user.
Hybrid feel
Softening the technology through the tonal finishing, colouring, and the application of fabric to support audio makes for an approachable expression. It feels acceptable in the contemporary home environment and the office, supporting current hybrid work at home, in the office or on the road.
Sustainability effort
At launch, the Speak 40/55 was Jabra's most sustainable product. In the housing design, we worked with a 100% sustainable fabric and post-consumer recycled plastics. In detailing, we focused on simple construction and processes to reduce environmental impact and allow for easy disassembly. A protection pouch was designed from a simple processed recycled felt material, reducing the number of manufacturing processes and time in assembly. The device housing is made with over 50% sustainable materials.
Images courtesy of Jabra
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