Vectura Fox Inhaler
Portable Nebulization treatment
The Fox inhalation system is a portable, handheld, breath-activated inhalation system that delivers nebulised liquid medication via a vibrating mesh technology. The device is in use for the treatment of adult patients with primary pulmonary hypertension.
Intuitive, robust and stable
The Fox incorporates both reusable and disposable parts. We worked on a method to enable the patient to quickly understand the device by layering components inside the main housing. Assembly and disassembly are intuitive and easy to complete for daily post-use cleaning. 
Subtle feedback
We focused on softening the appearance and making it feel more human to support comforting the patients in their daily medication use. LED indicator lights were softly diffused by shining them through thin-walled plastic parts; this also allowed them to be invisible when the device was off or functions not required. The polypropylene mouthpiece doubled as a light guide for providing patient feedback compliance during use. 
Building blocks
The main project constraints in the product architecture included the minimum volume capacity for the liquid medication, the vibrating mesh mechanism that turns the liquid medication into an inhalation mist and the flow channel geometry from mesh to mouth.  
Our research was conducted with potential target patients with varying conditions and demographics. ‘Probe kits’ comprising of an activity booklet and a one-time camera helped us better understand the patient’s lifestyles, needs and problems before being interviewed and conducting observational research.  
Use flow
Iterative testing on user steps from assembly to use and disassembly to cleaning helped define details in device robustness, patient ergonomics, semantics, and device feedback.  
Award: Red Dot award winner 2014
Award: Medical Design Excellence Awards: Finalist 2014
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