Cisco Voo Evasion
Cisco & Voo
We worked with Cisco and Voo to deliver a custom-branded yet discrete Decoder Set Top Box for the Belgian market.
A monolithic canvas for the Brand
We saw an opportunity to turn the Voo Logo into a repetitive pattern and use it meaningfully, working as ventilation openings for heat dispersion on the Set Top Box and as aided grip surfacing on the battery cover for the remote. These details applied to a simple monolithic form, played well with the television and offered a subtle bespoke expression.
We worked on delivering a genuine custom-branded aspiration for the client within tight project cost constraints. For example, the remote was designed around an existing platform on the market. No button placements could be changed. We added branded in-mould detailing on the rear battery cover as a functional grip to assist removal, consistent with the box ventilation pattern.
Online presence
Not all service provider brands like Voo are so proud of their hardware to utilise it in their marketing. Like most, this is likely because they have sourced a generic off-the-shelf solution that they feel detracts or doesn't add positively to their brand. 
We were delighted to see that Voo was confident in the result of the custom design and used the box as a big part of its online sales.
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