Samsung Bloom OLED TV Stand
A simple split
The idea behind the Bloom television stand was to create the simplest and most elegant stand possible combined with integrated functional features, a form-fitting with the Samsung QLED television and relating to home furnishings in a modern Scandinavian lifestyle.
The design is about simplicity and a real economy of material. A simple metal tube in stainless steel or aluminium forms the stand. This tube is split with three slots and bent in circular outward curves to form the supporting legs.
Material and production considerations
The main body is intended to be either extruded stainless steel or an aluminium tube with machined cuts via CNC. The legs are intended to be formed using a pipe bender. Finishing through shot blasting and anodising for the aluminium version or fine abrasive and buffing for a mirrored finish on the stainless steel version.
The top cap that integrates the mount for the television is intended to be cast metal (steel or aluminium).
Plastic injection moulded insert parts for the feet and cable management.
Material and production considerations
A cast metal part plugs into the tube's top and provides the television's fixture component. The Samsung logo is debossed into the top as a prominent and dedicated branding area.
Cable management functionality is provided through one of the slots in the tube where the cables exit for connection to the television. A moulded plastic insert inside the tube holds the cables against the top of the back leg. A rubber footrest on the base of the back leg is split into two parts to channel the cables. When assembled, the weight of the stand applies pressure on the cables through the foot and acts as a strain relief, holding them firmly in place. The end profile curve of the rear leg allows the cables to exit cleanly.
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