Cisco Rogers NextBox
Cisco & Rogers
Rogers is a leading Canadian technology and media company that strives to provide the very best in wireless, residential, and media to Canadians and Canadian businesses.
The NextBox for Rogers provides a premium experience for its customers, enabling them to stream, record and store 4K HD TV content.
NextBox was the first product launched from the design language we created for Cisco that provided subtle customisable elements for their partner brands in a contemporary design. 
Simple to scale and implement
Cisco offered a wide range of products in its Service Provider Video Technology group portfolio with varying sizes and form factors. The Design Language supported this portfolio by providing a design language that held together when scaled for a coherent-looking family. 
It was also necessary to have a design that could be taken from the design team and be easily applied at speed without multiple iterations through design. In other words, it is practical for engineering team teams to work independently.
Customer branded
We customised the base panel in the design for Rogers to work with their identity, strengthening the brand image from their service through to the physical product delivering it for them. 
Flexibility with functions and modularity
Our concept with the design language focused on flexibility to offer partners space to customise with their brand assets and enable functions to be exchanged within the portfolio offering. This is achieved through a frame element that borders the enclosures and allows for the panels within to be exchangeable for different functions (e.g. as venting, as a closed area or for Removable Hard Discs etc.) and to work as branding areas where a partner brand colour could be applied, for example. 
CES launch
A portfolio of prototype products was launched behind closed doors during CES 2016. We were asked to develop initial ideas to present this new portfolio as an attractive proposition.   
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