Phase One XF System
A hardware overhaul
We collaborated with Phase One on creating a full redesign of their camera system to help them deliver an improved user experience for professional photographers and enhancing the Phase One identity through their hardware portfolio.   
The XF Camera system is Phase One’s fastest, most robust and most expandable camera system for professional photographers.
A grip on ergonomics
Improving the ergonomic handling experience of the Phase One hardware was a crucial element in the XF becoming a respected tool for the professional photographer. We focused considerable attention on details around the grip section to achieve a secure and balanced design when held and to be comfortable operating multiple controls. 

Douglas Sonders, Fstoppers
“ It may seem silly to some, but I am absolutely excited about these ergonomic improvements…
The XF is a huge evolutionary step forward in terms of user comfort, customisation, functionality, and most importantly, the implementation of the much-improved Honeybee autofocus system.”
A process of rapid iterations
Our process of working with the design of the XF camera body was very much hands-on in the workshop. We made many quick hand made prototypes that we tested for ergonomics and were easy to make iterations on. Once an ergonomic design was settled upon through these models, we had it 3D scanned to deliver the most accurate translation into CAD and help speed up the complete development process.
A coherent design language 
Our preceding work on a strategic design language with the IQ Digital Back considered working with a future portfolio of hardware products for Phase One. It was integrated into the design of the XF system. Part of the strategy was to clean up and reduce the visual clutter often typical in professional cameras and create a coherent design identity that offers comfort in use and presents itself as a serious, quality, and professional tool.
Modular design fitting to workflow
The customizability through interchangeable modular viewfinders and personalisation of camera controls (dials, keys and touch screens) solves the problem with photographers who require flexibility with tools for their work. The expandability and upgradeability through hardware and software and attention to ergonomic handling help improve workflow and offer a long product life span.​​​​​​​
Award: IF Design Award 2016
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