Widex Dex Series
Hearing aid accessories to make life easier
Widex is the world’s sixth-largest hearing aid manufacturer, with headquarters in Lynge, Denmark.
We led the company's industrial design effort on three new hearing aid accessory devices in 2010. From supporting with initial workshops and research to defining the functional experience. We created a design language and delivered 3D files along with colour, material and finish documentation for mechanical development and manufacture.  

RC-DEX is designed for discreet wireless remote control of your hearing aids. It offers easy adjustment of your hearing aid volume and switching between programs. Designed to both fit in and be activated in the pocket.
Enjoy distortion-free wireless transmission of TV sound directly to your hearing aids.
The TV-DEX is a user-friendly wireless assistive listening device designed to enjoy TV and audio. The advantage of the TV-DEX is its real-time, high-quality stereo sound. Experience TV or audio sound as intended - without annoying distortion or, more importantly - echoes.
The TV-DEX has a ‘Room Off’ function. This allows you to temporarily switch off the hearing aid’s microphone and hear the TV sound only. You can enjoy your favourite TV programmes without unnecessary background noise.
A powerful and easy-to-use device that can connect mobile phones and hearing aids by streaming telephone conversations directly in the user's hearing aids. Includes the unique HA-Mik Off function (Room off), which mutes the hearing aid microphones so that the user can only hear his mobile phone.
Experience & design language exploration
We helped bring initial thoughts on the accessory devices to life and challenge assumptions around them through workshops with the Widex team. With a range of concepts, we prototyped and tested proposals to reach a reliable solution. 
Working with the company values and insights from the market, we created a design language with a coherent look and feel that balanced the need to promote a hi-tech proposition for the audiologists with an approachable, simple feel for an older demographic user.  
progressive design iterations on the three products were made concurrently for a consistent result.  
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