Lego Education Creative Builder
Lego Education
We worked with Lego education to create Creative Builder, an inspiring storytelling learning experience for preschool children playing together.
Rethinking building instructions
The brief we received from Lego education was to explore new ways to take the traditional printed building instructions that could be used more effectively in a preschool learning context.
Our idea was to get the building instructions to stand up. Doing this provided a background and environment to build up against. Moreover, it could quickly provide for group learning with children able to build on opposite sides. We tied the two instructional sides together through storytelling themes. These could be revealed at the end of the build as a surprise element initiating further learning and communication around the theme.   
One brick to make it simple
Finding a simple way to get the building instructions to stand up easily was the most challenging task for it to be a success. Setting up and taking apart at the end of a lesson should be very simple to focus time on the activity. We stumbled upon a slotted brick in a storage pile that was long out of production and realised it would be perfect for holding the cards and simple to set up and understand. 
The tooling for the out-of-date brick had to be sourced from storage, and the brick was put back in production for this set.
One card, one theme, two models
We illustrated several example themes to help sell the concept internally and inspire a range of add-on expansion packs.
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